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Busy Brain's Guide To Self Employment

Busy Brain's Guide To Self Employment


Diving into self-employment is daunting.


You might find yourself wondering, “Could I cope with the uncertainty?” and, "Will I get lonely?” It’s a scary prospect; we’ve been there.


But it can’t be a coincidence that 20-35% of self-employed people are neurodivergent.


We all know (too well) that traditional workspaces aren’t always accommodating. So, working for yourself is a great way to introduce flexibility - on your terms.


Through being self-employed, you get to work how, where, and when you work best.


Sure, it comes with its own challenges (admin and taxes, we’re looking at you). That’s precisely why we put together this eGuide - to help support you along the way. Whether you want to become a window cleaner or a virtual assistant, take a flick through to pick up the tools you’ll need to get started.


Made by self-employed busy brains, for busy brains interested in self-employment.


Ready for your new venture? Let’s do this.

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