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We are the community created for neurodivergent busy brains, by neurodivergent busy brains.


As a team made up of late-diagnosed neurodivergents, we realised that when you are diagnosed with a neurodivergent condition, whether that’s by a medical professional or by researching and self-diagnosing, there is no “handbook” on what to do next. 


There are no guides, often no therapy and often no support to turn to. It’s usually a case of hearing the words “yes, you do, in fact, have XXX” - and then leaving with little more than a cheery wave goodbye, a bucketful of questions and a mountain of unresolved trauma.


There is a real lack of easy-to-digest, accessible or actionable resources out there for you to learn from - and it is completely down to you as the neurodivergent individual to both find your own answers and educate the people around you as to what this change will mean. 


We created (un)masked so it could become the go-to place for resources and support, and a safe place to meet people going through the same thing.


We are the community for neurodivergent busy brains.

Meet The Team 👋

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